COVID-19: A letter from the ICU

The reason I wrote my book “Critical” was to talk with the public about intensive care. Yet, I have been completely humbled by the kind words in […]

Doctor to Author

I want to show you the backstory to my journey from a doctor to an author so you can benefit from the lessons I have learnt. Whether […]

Trust in people prevails

Here is my latest BMJ article about how trust in people can prevail even when institutions fail. Read the whole thing here.

Your 1800 weeks of work

What are you going to do with your 1800 weeks of work? Thanks to Oliver Burkeman for his wonderful book and inspiration for this column. Read the […]

A letter to letter writers

Here are some wonderful letters of thanks. I wrote a letter saying thank you to the anonymous people who have written to me in the pandemic. Read […]

Radio 4 letter

Here is a letter to colleagues that read on Radio 4’s Today programs on 20th November 2021.

Sitting on the bins

“Do you regularly sit on a bin? Eat lunch on your lap? Speak to patients in a stock room? Or find that a lack of medical cover […]

A letter to Auntie Win

Recently, a very special member of our family died at the age of 97. I wanted to say something about her remarkable life during the funeral so […]

Whose leg is it anyway?

“In the complexity of modern healthcare we need an entire village of people to care for us, not one sole trader”Is it time to change the name […]

Sitting on a plastic chair

“I never expected to have a deeply emotional experience, with a tear in my eye, while sitting on a plastic chair in the middle of a basketball […]

New podcast – Brave Journeys

I’d love you to listen to this fab new podcast where we talk about a lot from science to COVID to dealing with stress. Thanks for great […]

Sneak preview into book 2 . . .

Apart from the terrible freeze frame, here is a short video including a sneak preview into my second book, How Kissing a Frog Can Save Your Life.

A reunion

It was so fantastic to be reunited with one of the sickest patients I’ve cared for. Seeing him be a dad and a husband was pretty special. […]

Days of Decision

Here is my latest BMJ article broadly based on the amazing Song, “Days of Decision” by Phil Ochs, covered by the amazing Martyn Joseph.

Great podcast

Thanks to Lydia Wilson for asking me to speak on her great podcast. Have a listen here.