New large print edition of “Critical”

I’d love to show you the new cover of “Critical” for the large print edition. It makes me want to open up those theatre doors and feel the pulse! Large prints are generally available in public libraries as well as to order through most book shops.

Cardiff hospital trials cooling patients after cardiac arrest

A year ago, Andrew Barnett collapsed and his heart stopped beating, as he played football with his young son.

Luckily, it was at on a pitch at a Cardiff leisure centre – which had a defibrillator – and the manager knew CPR techniques.

Andrew, 46, was revived and became part of a hospital trial to see if cooling the body in intensive care helps recovery.

The event was a complete blank but he realises how close to death he came. 

The cooling trial, involving nine UK hospitals, is being led by researchers at the University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff.

Altogether, 1,900 patients worldwide are part of the trial, called TTM2.

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